Lisa Brown Announces Candidacy for Leon County Commissioner

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Lisa Brown is a third-generation Tallahassean and her grandfather, Dr. Paul Coughlin, was one of the founding doctors at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. She is the mother of two college-aged children, both of whom attend Florida State University. Her son is a PFC in the Army Reserves – ROTC. 

She has her Masters in Business Administration and multiple international certifications in Development Education (addressing community development issues like housing, hunger, transportation, education, women’s issues, and health).  She is the President and CEO at Tallahassee-Leon Federal Credit Union and an adjunct professor at Flagler College. 

Ms. Brown sits on numerous non-profit boards and is the founder of a non-profit that provides financial education opportunities to the area. She is the founding Chair of the Housing Leadership Council of Tallahassee/Leon County – an organization formed to bring together all sectors to move the needle on affordable housing in our area. 

She has earned the reputation as a turn-around CEO, rescuing financial institutions in trouble. She has also traveled the world volunteering her time consulting with financial regulators, individual institutions, and small business owners. Her expertise earned her the role as the first woman graduation speaker for the African Development Educators program in Nairobi last year. “When you witness successful programs that provide a hand up, not a hand out in developing countries that have so little, you realize that we have no excuse. We HAVE to do better!”, Ms. Brown shares.

“I am excited to bring my experience and understanding of more than just how to run a business, how to manage multi-million dollar budgets, and the intricacies of bond ratings. I help people everyday work towards their financial dreams. I see the struggles that working families have to make ends meet and I will work tirelessly to bring training and employment opportunities to Leon County – assuring that all boats rise.”

“I want my children to choose Tallahassee as their home when they graduate because of the bountiful job opportunities, a low-cost of living, and high quality of life. I want them to find successful careers here and affordable homes. I want them to enjoy our beautiful parks, our pristine lakes, and drive down our nostalgic canopy roads. I refuse to believe we have to compromise one for the other and I’m excited for the opportunity to help make these dreams a reality.”